How to Install DesktopNova in Ubuntu?

DesktopNova is a simple application that automatically changes your wallpapers. Although currently it only supports Gnome and XFCE desktops. But after running app I saw that it has a plug-in support (they called it Module) so lets hope someone will come up with a plug-in so it would be usable in Unity as well.

Main features...

*. Add various folders containing your images (only local storage are supported).

*. Change the wallpaper interval.

*. Change the wallpaper every time the application launches.

*. Run automatically when you log-in.

*. Mouse wheel support (changing wallpapers).

*. Tray-icon support.

*. Filter out certain file-types.

You can install DesktopNova in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.04 and 10.10 by using the below command.
sudo apt-get install desktopnova desktopnova-module-gnome

If you use the Xfce desktop (Xubuntu 11.04) then you the below one instead.

sudo apt-get install desktopnova desktopnova-module-xfce

That's it.

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