Novacut Pro - Upcoming OpenSource, Professional Video Editor for GNU/Linux (created by "Artists for Artists")

Although GNU/Linux has as an excellent multimedia player (despite the whole "proprietary" issues :) ) support at the moment but when it comes to creating or editing videos in general, in a professional way... well, it kinda sucks :/. Although we do have excellent ones such as OpenShot for instance.

But it's not just having a lot of features or being simple ... it's about efficiency ... trying to find a balance between simplicity and usefulness. This seems to be the "philosophy" that the Novacut-Pro video editing suite developers believe in and they're building the editor from scratch, it seems.

In the Ubuntu Wiki page which "describes" how the UX should be and stuff ;-) ... the developers say....

"The singular goal of Novacut is to help artists become profitable... without giving up control, ownership, or compromising their creative vision"...

Listening to what artists need rather than trying to figure out everything by themselves which could lead to a disaster which has been proven again and again and again ...

"The last year we've spent a lot of time talking to artists, tuning our priorities. This UX design makes the conversation formal and publicly documented. But the conversation is just starting... we need feedback from many more artists, about many more details... always. Truly great creative tools cannot be designed in secret. They must be designed in open dialog with creators...

Because there is no film cost and HDSLR cameras are inexpensive, the biggest production cost is truly people's time, and we're quite confident Novacut will allow these artists to tell the same story, with the same impeccable production quality, in less time."

Interesting stuff isn't it :). Now, this is a real professional video editor that's aimed at the professionals (well, that rules me out :P). Novacut-Pro will support handful of equipments such as ...

*. It's optimized for Canon HDSLR cameras. Such as the 5D Mark II, 7D, 1D Mark IV, 60D, T2i, and T3i.

*. For audio syncing you'll have to use Sennheiser MKE 400 or Rode VideoMic, etc. But they said that they'll try to support those "usual" camera-mic-in as well. But don't keep your hopes high though.

*. Other professional digital audio recording devices such as Zoom H4n will be supported.

They use the Gstreamer multimedia framework as the application "engine" (rendering/editing videos). The application will also comes with Cloud computing support. Although it's not clear whether we'll be able to run the app itself in the cloud or not at the moment but they certainly are in favor of the Ubuntu One service nonetheless. The file distribution or sharing can be done pretty easily via the DML (distributed media library) framework (supports both local and Cloud storage) which is implemented as a Launchpad project at the moment. So, it's apparent that they're certainly in favor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution specifically.

It's not released yet but you can get upto-date information from this kickstartpage if interested and I highly recommend that you watch the below introduction video which explains a lot about this amazing (well, we'll see about that :D), upcoming professional video editor for GNU/Linux!. Oh yeah... it's Opensource and FREE too!.

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