Wanna Get a Free (and Awesome) Official Ubuntu Book for Your Ubuntu LoCo Teams!

Ubuntu LoCo communities are "responsible" for expanding the Ubuntu domination ;-) across your local areas. Although sometime ago Canonical decided to abandon the famous Ubuntu free CD give-away yet it was said that approved Ubuntu LoCo teams are still eligible for receiving some certain amount of free CDs nonetheless.

Anyhow, there are a lot of pretty cool teaching Ubuntu books available online, in both PDF and "physical" versions ;-). A famous one is called the "Official Ubuntu Book" which is compiled by Mako, Amber Graner, Matthew Helmke and Corey Burger.

The book is at its sixth edition and covers the latest version of the Ubuntu - 11.04 and other related things such as from installation to configuring the desktop fully according to your needs which is pretty handy for all of those who wants to learn Ubuntu Linux from scratch :).

You can also buy this from Amazon for few bucks too :)...

*. Not just the usual installation and configurations but this book will also teach you about Ubuntu One (Ubuntu's version of cloud computing), Ubuntu Server, the Unity desktop interface, update individual applications or the whole OS in general, etc

*. Office, multimedia codec installation, web-browsing, office productivity suite, e-mail client configuration, etc are also covered.

*. The Ubuntu Sever installation and administration.

*. Get to know the community (via Forum links, etc) which should help you to get fix your issue more easily... are just a handful to mention.

Anyhow the news is that, for approved/selected Ubuntu LoCo will be given a free copy of the Official Ubuntu Book for their library collection send directly from Canonical (only a singe copy). There is a certain procedure that has to be followed before you can/may get the free "physical" copy of the book.

First, you'll have to (you have to be in the LoCo team list in the first place) send an e-mail to "usergroups AT informit DOT COM" including details such as ...

*. Your Full Name, Your Team Location, the Address and importantly the Phone number.

And if your Ubuntu LoCo is approved, then you'll get the book via post mail. You can find all the necessary information from this Jono Bacon's post (since it's Jono, your passion for hard-rock will help, a lot... just kidding :D). Good luck.

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