Wanna Watch Novacut Video Editor Demo in Action, Online?

Novacut is an upcoming professional video Editor for the GNU/Linux OS. Unlike many other "video editors" according to the developers this is truly an artist-oriented video editor and in their own words it's designed by artists for artists. So this is not the video editor for the average GNU/Linux users :/ (makes sense though).

Although the developers did brag a little too much (oh well we all get excited anyway :D)... but when considering their approach (it seems like they've done a lot of research... talking to artists and stuff :) ) it may well be something especial. They're putting a lot of efforts into the UI design thus making it as efficient as possible still keeping the GUI quite simple.

Although it will take a little longer for them to release it officially but for those of you who just can't wait... you can have a sneak peak into the UI online through their official site!. Or if you're too lazy to play it all by your self, just watch the above and below ones instead :D.

But still this is the demo version and according to their own words...

"None of these are final, nor do they represent the limits of the Novacut editor"

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