Asus Eee PC X101 Unboxing Video! (in Vietnamese)

Yes, it's true!. Although it's said that Asus will start shipping one of their thinnest and cheapest netbook called the Eee PC X101 this month for the US customers but it seems that YouTube has just received a Vietnam user un-boxing video of the X101, for real!.

Update: This actually seems like the X101h model rather than the X101 (although the only difference is actually the OS. X101H runs Windows 7 starter and X101 as promised runs the MeeGO platform).

What's interesting is that the fact it has got a VGA port and a Ethernet port. Of course it's ain't necessarily bad but as you can see from the below video this new "version" of the X101 does not look impressively thin thanks to these ports. Although it's not just sure whether they're just dummy ports (now why the heck they'd do that) but nonetheless it's not as impressively thin as the original version.

But other than that the hardware details seems to be just as Asus promised...

*. Intel Atom N435 running at 1.3GHz (single core).

*. 1GB of RAM (DDR3, max supported 2GB).

*. 1024x600, 10.1 inch WSVGA display screen.

*. 8 GB of solid state disk (SSD) which certainly makes things happen faster but I'd have preferred a SATA disk (even if it was about 100GB, don't you?).

*. WLAN 802.11 and Bluetooth 3.0.

Not impressively thinner as the original version (screenshot from the above video)...

*. 4 Hours of batter life (which of course will change according to your actual usage) of the 3Cell battery.

*. MicroSD card, 2 USB ports.

*. VGA and RJ-45 ports as with this model.

Here a side-view of the original version (which is not "dead" or anything seems like Asus has few versions perhaps??)...
Now as said, Asus may have few different versions (with slight variations), so perhaps for all ya folks who were waiting for a sexy looking, very thin netbook, well perhaps Asus has something that looks like the original one (without the VGA and the network ports). But even with these ports, the thickness is not that much increased actually and other than the fact that Glossy looking screen, can't say anything about it's actual performance, etc either.

But if you're searching for a cheap netbooks under $200 then Asus may have just about the perfect companion. But again I'm a bit disappointed with the SSD drive, although it runs the MeeGO Linux operating system thus that SSD should help to cut out some boot-time yet if they have a separate version with a larger SATA drive for the same price range ;-) it would've been just about perfect!, at least for me. Yes there is a separate MS Windows version with slightly larger HDD and faster processor but we won't be able to grab it for a price around $199-200 nonetheless.  


Anonymous said...

as it turns out the video is for the x101h

Gayan said...


Thanks mate, I updated the post.

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