Dragon Player (Qt Written Multimedia Player for KDE) Version 3 is On its Way!

Dragon player is a qt-written, multimedia front-end that's designed for the KDE desktop. As said it's a front-end rather than a player engine (such as MPLayer or VLC, etc) thus you can set it to use either Gstreamer or with Phonon (the newlywed KDE multimedia framework).

Although the player itself is a bit awkward when viewing from a KDE's point of view because KDE is always about features and lots of options but the Dragon player is all about simplicity and less features!. Thus it loads fast and does its job quite nicely and many just love it.

Although I actually haven't been using it for a long time but according to the KDE apachelogger, the Dragon player has been there with KDE for almost 4 years as the version 2 but yesterday at the current Berlin desktop summit, the developer of Dragon player Ian Monroe has announced that there's gonna be a Dragon player version 3 in the very near future!.

Few of the "things" expected in this release...

Although the "Blacky" background will most probably be removed which doesn't look that good actually ;-)...

*. He has promised not to clutter anything at all thus the player version 3.0 GUI will also be quite simple :).

*. No features are dropped thus all the things that were/are visible with its older versions will be ported into the version 3.

*. Cool looking (more smooth) start-up animations (well, I ain't a huge fan of those since it slow down the app loading times).

*. Enhanced, "recently viewed" display section.

*. When you stop a multimedia file (both video and audio) they'll fade-out!.

*. Although not revealed yet but in "apachelogger's" own words...
"A revolutionary approach that will make it tons easier to watch a series of videos (yet to be unveiled ;))..."
Well, that's about it for now. If you can't wait till it's out then you try out its scratch repository but please be aware that it's in its early development stage thus even if it builds just fine might not work properly. So use it at your own risk :).

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