Firefox 6 Is Available in the Official Ubuntu 11.04 Repositories

Firefox 6 (the most secured web browser in the world, kidding, but it's pretty darn good though, right? :D) was available for Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04 users even before it was officially available for the Natty users.

And if you haven't disabled your automated updates in Ubuntu Linux, then as soon as they release it you should have it automatically install it. But since I have manually disabled the update manager because it uses too much of your bandwidth which can result in a cluttered YouTube videos :D (kidding, again, but I do have it disabled for other reasons)...

I've also been a bit busy yesterday and until I manually check this morning I didn't know it was available to Natty users. Anyhow, to install it (in my humble opinion, I think unlike with other releases, FF6 is well worth the update because as promised by Mozilla, it loads itself pretty faster than the previous versions) , perhaps you should re-enable the update manager t OR

just fireup your Terminal window and enter the below command to install the sucker!.

sudo apt-get install firefox
If you'd prefer a more cleaner installation, then first remove your current Firefox browser completely (make sure to take back-ups of your Bookmarks and other naughty stuff), then use the below command first.
sudo apt-get purge firefox

That should do it.

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