Flush: A Torrent Client for Ubuntu

Although original idea behind the BitTorrent protocol has nothing to do about "illegal" stuff but all about sharing legal (also known as legal torrents), online file sharing between computer users using this revolutionary and awesome protocol.

Anyhow, I don't actually remember the exact data, but it was said that BitTorrent protocol has its fare share of the Internet bandwidth (more than a "fare share" :D) thus some ISP even had to come up with their own tools to block the applications that uses this protocol in order to save this "excessive" usage of their bandwidth.

Then the developers got a bit angry and came up with their own method to make it really hard for the "bad" ISP to block the BitTorrent protocol. It's called the BitTorrent encryption. Now, some people took it the wrong way and thought the developers were helping other to "steal" but as anyone can see, they were just defending A idea, rather than users.

Flush BitTorrent client in Ubuntu...
Anyhow, unlike many other protocols, within the very short period of its first introduction, BitTorrent has a pretty colorful history (+ idealistic conflicts, still going strong :D). 

Although, not surprisingly, MS Windows does not come with a BitTorrent clients installed but almost all GNU/Linux distributions (their recent versions) do come with at least one installed by default. Apparently Ubuntu also comes with one called "Transmission" which is pretty darn good too.

But out of your boredom, if you're looking for something else :), then "Flush" is a pretty decent one. But the biggest drawback of Flush is that I couldn't find any option to enable the above mentioned "Protocol encryption". Maybe it enables the encryption by default... but other than that, it's a fast loading, easy to use BitTorrent client nonetheless.

Main features...

*. Change Upload/Download speeds.

*. Show share ratio.

*. Availability.

*. Show Seeds & Peers.

*. Change communication ports (or set to automatically use a random port at each startup).

*. Manual tracker updates (which is another important thing that helps to speed up things a bit).

*. Run in system tray.

*. IP filtering.

*. Max connections per torrent.

*. Create a torrent file from scratch... are just a few to mention.

You can install Flush BitTorrent client in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 and 10.04 by using the below command in your Terminal window.
sudo apt-get install flush

That should do it.

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