Foobnix (a music player) for Android is Released!

If you haven't heard then Foobnix is an excellent, cross-platform music player that can be used on GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Mac OSX in the past. But the latest news is that now the developer has released it for Android too!.

So if you're using Android and would like to have a powerful local and online music player (it's famous for that) that has a simple GUI and loads fast... then you should check out the Foobnix in this Android market page.

Although it has been like 2/3 weeks since its official Android release, but it's a bit new thus there could be bugs but from the user ratings... I think it's already a "hit"! nonetheless.

Main features...

*. It's completely free and not free like with filled with Ads ... no ads... nothing, nada, free as in freedom :D.

*. and VK integration, so you can easily share and listen to music all day long.

*. Playlist support with play similar songs, search for files (+ including tags), etc or find songs using online source by genre, artists, name...

*. Fetch album art/covers from

*. Create and delete music folders.

*. Separate download manager.

*. Lyrics support.

*. Super fast updates (bug fixes and new features).

As said it's totally free of charge and requires you to have A Android version of 1.6 or higher to use it. You can learn more about recent updates and news from this official Foobnix android page as well.

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