How to Install Flickr Remote Organizer (Frogr) in Ubuntu?

Flickr is a very popular, online photo sharing service that's now owned by Yahoo. Although the search engine giant Google also has their own version called Picasa which is as good as Flickr is but they're both just give us the ideal opportunity to share and show-off our talents with ease nonetheless :).  

If you use Gnome as your desktop and daily deal with Flickr then wouldn't it be nice if you could find an app that integrates directly into your Gnome desktop and lets you upload pictures to Flickr with ease?... in that case, Frogr which stands for "Flickr Remote Organizer" is a great little tool that can make things much more simpler for you :).

Main features...

*. Written in GTK+ toolkit (in fact the latest 0.6 version now supports the GTK3 tool-kit which Gnome 3 is written) thus integrates seamlessly with Gnome but you can use it in other desktops such as KDE or in other desktops as well.

*. The ability to log-in directly to Flickr using their API and upload pictures directly from the GUI (well it should!, that's the idea, right? :D).

*. Change visibility of your uploaded pictures (whether they are accessible to everyone of just "private").

*. Built it content type:

For instance, I usually upload screenshots of applications. So, since Frogr has a built in "tag" called "Screenshots" (+ "Photo" and "Other"), all I gotta do is just choose "screenshoots" and all my pictures will be categorized as "Screenshot".

*. Safety level settings (safe, moderate and restricted).

*. Build in photo releasing licenses to add with your pictures.

*. Drag and Drop support.

*. Support accessing via Proxy servers.

*. Open images via external image viewers

*. Edit Photo name and add descriptions (you know the usual photo tag editing).

*. Multiple Flickr account support... are among Frogr's main features to mention.

You can install Flickr Remote Organizer (or Frogr) in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 11.10, 10.10 or even 10.04 by first adding its official PPA. To do that, as usual use the below commands in your Terminal window.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mariospr/frogr

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install frogr

That's it. 

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