Sneak-Peek into the Upcoming Xubuntu's Redesigned Website!

As all ya GNU/Linux geeks knows ;-) Xubuntu is the official part of Ubuntu operating system that comes with the light-weight Xfce desktop environment that's aimed at lower end computer users. Personally I'm actually quite fond of the Xfce desktop since not only it's fast (maybe not as fast as it used to be But!) but it also comes with a lot of customizable tool which gives better control over the desktop when comparing with Gnome (yikes!).

Anyhow, according to the Xubuntu developer Pasi Lallinaho, dudes and dudees ;-) at Xubuntu are gonna totally redesign the current Xubuntu website's look-n-feel which is launched simultaneous to the upcoming Ubuntu 11.10 release.

So the website is not "launched", but and it seems that they'll be releasing it with the Ubuntu 11.10 release.

He also said that they moving from Drupal (web publishing platform) to the awesome WordPress as well. As said they haven't rolled-out the new site yet and he's asking for new ideas and things that they can do to improve the existing, new layout of the site in general.

So if you have fresh ideas and a sharp and well developed eye ;-), then why not head over to this "sneak-peek page" and throw in some comments!.

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