Bodhi Linux 1.2.0 is Released! (Added support for ARM)

Bodhi Linux is another distribution that's based on Ubuntu. Although it seems that they've done a lot of changes to the system... it seems like a completely different distribution to me ;-). Anyhow, Bodhi linux is not for everyone though, in a way.

The reason is simple. It uses the Enlightenment Window manager as the desktop "creator" which has a  reputation of being extremely fast and low on system resource. But if you're looking for a modern desktop with fancy effects + with features that Major desktops such as Gnome/Qt-KDE or even the relatively new Unity desktop, etc offers, then you may not like it.

Okay, I take back that "not a modern desktop" part ;-)...
But the rest assured, if you're looking for complete desktop with extremely faster responsiveness, well in that case, Bodhi Linux can be extremely competitive. Unlike many other distributions, Bodhi also has a completely different UI design that's optimized for the touch sensitive devices as well.

And few months back, Jeff announced (the main dude behind it) that Bodhi will be having a completely different version for the ARM architecture related devices (if you aren't much of a tech geek, then ARM is a processor that's seen on a lot of touch screen based devices, even in Apple iPad!). Below is a video that he gave us back then.

So with this new released, which happened like few days ago now if you have an ARM based device, then you can download the ARM optimized Bodhi Linux version since now that platform it's officially supported.

Anyhow, let's have a look at some of the new package updates with this latest 1.2.0 release.

*. GNU/Linux Kernel version 3.0.0 (this is one of the reason behind the ARM architecture actually).

*. Midori 0.4.0: A fast loading web browser.

*. Firefox 6.0: No one needs an introduction to this one. Anyhow, for GNU/Linux, Mozilla announced that Firefox will not only be more secure but will me a bit faster on GNU/Linux thanks to some optimizations.

*. Chromium 13.0.

*. Opera 11.51.

*. Seven, totally awesome themes!.

*. Enlightenment SVN built (based on 09/06/11) are among the main core changes according to Jeff's announcement page.

You can find all the downloading links from this official link if interested.

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