Need a Free Secure Password Generator? Use Wolfram|Alpha!

I'm pretty sure most of you know about Wolfram|Alpha but for the those of you who don't, then it's an engine of knowledge. I know, now it sounds more confusing. So let me give you an example. Wolfram|Alpha is sort of a search engine, but it's rather more advanced and complicated one.

For instance if you type the word "secure password generator" in Google, then what Google basically does is, it tries to find an answer based on its "index" and match your query and tries to give you the best matching websites (based on various factors) that perhaps hold the answers to your question. So in a way, traditional search engines like Google, Bing, etc basically have a limitation. They can only point you towards the answer but cannot directly put together a one by themselves.

But if you search for the same term in Wolfram|Alpha, it won't necessarily point your towards some kind of a software product or a website, but it'll give you an online software (kinda) created by itself, using which you can create a secure password for free!.

The most special "Wolf..." ;-)...
How is that possible?

It's quite simple actually (although the real process is much more complicated). It was possible because, just like a traditional search engine, Wolfram|Alpha index web pages, it match your queries, etc but unlike other search engines, it goes further by reading all those information on the index and then trying to create a solution of its own!.

So as with this instance, it may have read all those information needed to create a powerful password using web source like Wikipedia (yikes!), etc and then like a human being (although it's far far away from "us") by based on the information that it had gathered, it'll create a secure password generator software of its own.

So in that sense, traditional search engines are like library index keepers who can only point your towards the books by using which you'll have to find the answer all by yourself. But Wolfram|Alpha is sort of like a professor whom when asked a question, he won't necessarily point you towards a book (out of pride, kidding! :P) but thanks to the knowledge that he already have, he'll give the direct answer to your question (I tried my best dudes).

Back to the topic... 

Anyhow, did you know that by using this amazing knowledge power house, we can easily create a very powerful password online for free. Steps are pretty simple.

1. Search for a phrase like creating a strong password in Wolfram|Alpha first (or anything that implies the same thing).

2. This should open up a window similar to the below one. Now this is sort of an online password generating utility. So you can change additional settings like: password length, enable/disable numbers, upper/lower case letters, special characters, etc.

Wolfram|Alpha will even give you additional things like how long would it takes for an average computer to break the password, what Hash algorithms it used and "hints' that you can use to remember it, etc.

To be honest, I don't whether this is one of the best tools out there (remember, it also uses powerful Hash algorithms.. so it's really powerful) but for most of us if you don't want to buy a premium utility or don't wanna install a free software on your PC, etc and need something that'll always be accessible online for free, then heck, Wolfram|Alpha is certainly pretty handy. What do you think?

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