Simple Personal Information Manager (PIM) for Ubuntu: Vazaar!

If you live "around" your computer all day long :D and also quite busy already, then having a simple yet an effective personal information manager software (you know all the features & also the ability to backup your PIM data, etc) is pretty handy. Although the Gnome desktop used to come with a one of its but it was "let go of" long ago thus if you use Ubuntu Linux and looking for a simple PIM software, then Vazaar is an excellent application.

Remember, the last time it was updated was around 2010 and the current version is only for Ubuntu 10.04 (but does work in 11.04 anyhow), so it seems that the project seems a bit outdated.

But as said, if you're looking for a simple utility that lets you easily manage your daily tasks... then Vazaar is an Open-Source PIM suite that can meet most of your needs nonetheless.

Main features...

*. As said, has a simple GUI that runs in the notification area, easy to getting used to.

*. Add notes.

*. Add diary/Journal entries.

*. Bookmaking and tags support (makes it easy to search and find).

*. A welcome window that gives you a quick sneak-peak into things.

*. Annotate notes/diary entries and other resources.

*. Open or Edit your resource with appropriate programs. For instance, you can simply right-click on a note and open it in your default text editor for advanced editing.

*. Add resources (easily "attach" files/folders to your entries).

*. Plugins and Tag managers. 

*. Delete entries.

*. Create collections and link your entries to them.

*. Uses MySQL and SQLite for database handling.

*. Backup your PIM data (both import and export support actually).

*. Semi Automated data base updating by analyzing your PC meta-data, clipboard, etc.

This is no magic since almost all PIM suits supports these features but just to mention: Both "Mplayer..." & "Vazaar..." entries were added by the suite after analyzing my clip-board memory data which will also add entries to tags as well...
*. Switch between full-screen mode and a windowed mode... which are among the main features to mention.

You can install Vazaar PIM in Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04 Natty Narwhal (not sure whether it'll work under 11.10 though) by first downloading the .deb package from this Vazaar downloading page.

And then simply double click on it which should open it in your Ubuntu Software Center. Just follow the on-screen instructions. The rest is automated.

As a final note, if you're looking for a simple yet a powerful personal information manager with reasonable amount of features + the ability to backup your PIM data with ease (in the somewhat universal database formats that makes the sharing is also pretty easy), then Vazaar is most certainly an excellent little utility without a doubt. Enjoy!.

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