Ubuntu Font Family Version 0.80 (with "Mono" at last!) is Released

Ubuntu font family is a completely free, open font sets that are release under the Ubuntu font license. Although it's not that long ago they were released thus some of the standard sets such as the the "Mono" fonts were at the beta stage previously. But today the Ubuntu Font Page made it official that with the latest 0.80 version, now the "Mono" version is also included!.

If you're a webmaster then you can easily "install" these fonts thanks to the Google web-fonts API. These fonts are inspired by the Sans-Serif fonts and comes pre-optimized for desktops and mobile device screens especially according to Canonical.

Although personally, at smaller sizes I find it a bit difficult to read (could be a personal thing :D) and in general I'm not quite fond of the overall "square-y" type physical attribute which again I find it a bit hard to read (in comparison with the beautiful Arial font for instance.

Anyhow, if you're looking for a completely free fonts with minimal of restrictions (if none at all) then why not visit this Ubuntu Fonts page and download it!.

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