Ubuntu One for Windows (Cloud App Client) is Released!

"Ubuntu One" is the brand name for the cloud computing (storage specific) model of the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Although the Ubuntu Cloud model is an open one unlike with other models such as iClould or MS Windows Cloud version which are proprietary in nature.

I don't know much about the business oriented cloud... but I'm against the idea of the personal cloud "module", because something doesn't feel right man :). Anyhow, whether it's necessary or not, it doesn't matter because it's at our doorsteps. And if you use Ubuntu as your primary OS then you're aware that it comes highly integrated with the Ubuntu One account which easily lets you manage your data in the Ubuntu Cloud.
It's here! ...
But since the idea of the cloud storage is to let you access your data wherever you are, no matter what platform that you're using, then as a cloud storage service provider you must have a cross-platform ready cloud model.

As a result of this, Ubuntu One has already released it's desktop front-end to other platforms such as Android and iPhone recently but the MS Windows version was still in beta. But today, Ubuntu One team announced that the Ubuntu One for MS Windows is officially available to download!.

So if you don't like to pay for anything, then Ubuntu One will give you about 5GB of Cloud space for free! (a free sign-up is necessary first). And as long as you're using any device that's powered by a the MS Windows platform and have this app installed, you'll be able sync/access your data with ease.

You can create new folders, manage music, delete files, upload/download files, etc using this utility. It's about 22.3MB in size and if interested, you can get it from this official Ubuntu One for Windows page.

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