Following an Obsession: Announcing "" (My New Wordpress Site! :D)

If you just arrived here, then ...

I started this blog like 10-11 months ago which, when compared with other web sites (most) is like a newborn baby :). This blog currently has like 800 + articles, all written by me. It gets a reasonable amount of traffic and as you know I use Google Adsense on the site which makes a very little $$ as well (better than nothing, hey!).

But after all these months, suddenly out of nowhere, a thought came to my mind (errr, damn you "the thought"!! :)) around the idea of the "true ownership". First it started small but after few days, well, I became quite obsessed with it and and the end, it kinda outranked me :).

Now as many knows, all the content on this site, although I created them (some inspired by others work of course) but still the content is hosted on Google owned Blogger (this isn't really that big of a deal, but as you know, once an obsession takes over you ... ;-)).

In reality, I don't have any authority over the content of the site. So I guess that (like anyone else would), I just wanted something of my own. I don't how what the future might bring. But I just thought, it would be nice if one day I could look back and think, "at last, something of me own" :).

Though the idea of ownership is a bit of an anomaly itself because as many knows .... okay you know what, let's just forget about those "philosophical" nonsenses and let me come straight to the point :). 

In simple terms, if you think what I write is "okay", then I humbly present you my own brand new site called The Hectic Geek (acquired through the very little money made by this little blog. So dear "this little blog", thank you!).

I won't forward this site's content over there thus I'll have to start from scratch, all over again. It's a long and painful process, if you have been blogging and know about traffic growth, etc. But, I'd like to start anew.

Right now the new site looks like shi* (although this blog is no different either :D). I'm really new to WordPress platform so gotta learn few things here and there (to tell you the truth, I don't even know how to change sidebar in WP :/). 

The site has like 3 articles that I wrote today (2011/10/11). Other than that, nothing much to say actually. But that doesn't mean that I'll be leaving this blog forever. Although I won't be writing new content here but I will always come and look for comments and do my best to give answers nonetheless. 

I don't have thousands of subscribers (about 41 according to Google) but if you're one of those geeks that come and read this site, somewhat frequently, then you know where to find me :).


Larry said...

I bookmarked the new site under this site. Good Luck!

Gayan said...


Thanks Larry, appreciate it :).

Gloorian said...

I'll come and already subscribed to the new RSS :)

Gayan said...


Cool!. Thank you :D.

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