Google Search Engine for Programmers: Google Code Search

If you're a computer programmer then a general purpose search engine can still be quite useful if all you want is to find tutorials, community based forums, etc. But let's say that you have few specific needs such as debugging or trying to find codes, etc then you need a special search engine that "understands" your needs.

In that case (I'm pretty most have heard about it but if you're a programmer newbie...) Google code search is still one of the best online tools since it's index is completely different from the traditional "version" and designed for the purpose of helping programmers to find what they're looking for, with ease.

So, unlike with a traditional Google search engine the "code search" allows you to...

*. Specify packages using their names (such as only search for codes in GNU/Linux Kernel for instance).

*. Use languages defined by you (C/C++, C#, Java, Pascal, Python, etc).

*. Search using "Class" attributes.

* . Search with with certain platforms such as Android or Chromium, etc.

*. Search in Functions or only codes that are available in a certain license.

So, the next time you want to search for a publicly available programming code, why not give a try for Google Code Search! :).

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