Individual Web-Page Zooming Extension for Google Chrome - AutoZoom

Google Chrome is a fast loading (both start-up times and web pages) & highly simplified web browser based on the open-source Chromium browser. It is also one of the most criticized for "tracking" user data in somewhat secret ways, so may not be the most secure web browser out their either. But the rest assured most people just love it!.

Simplicity is not bad but it'll only do good when implemented in a more sensual way. For instance, if you use a computer like a Netbook for instance, then you wanna get the most of out its already small screen and in comparison with most other web browsers, Chrome gives you a lot of "space" by default which is one of the reason why Netbook users love it some much, I think.

But there are few things that are pre-defined in Google Chrome for the good or for the bad. One in particular (which happens to be one of the most important features of all for some users) is the web-page "Zooming" feature. Now, by default we can easily zoom in or out web pages with ease in Chrome. But we cannot manually define the zoom levels, other than the values already embedded into it.

"120" comes after "100"... no in-between values errrrrrrr....
For instance, the next zoom level after the default 100% value in Google Chrome is 120%. This might work with some sites but there could be some that does not look good at 120% zoom levels. What if you wanted to zoom the web page about 110% or 105% ... by default you cannot do this with Chrome :/.

But luckily we have like millions of free add-ons that expands the capabilities of Google Chrome thus I'm pretty sure there are many but I came across this one called, "AutoZoom".

Main features...

*. What I like about it most is that, unlike with a previous extension that I used, this extension saves settings per web-page. For instance, if you set a zoom level in to 110%, then it will only be applied to

*. Set zoom levels universally: If you use this option, then the zooming levels will be applied to all the web-pages.

*. Or you can manually define any zoom level! (ahh finally :D).

Well, that's about it actually. If you're annoyed by this "behavior" from Google Chrome, then you can try it via this AutoZoom web page.

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