New 14 Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Wallpapers Available for Download!

Every time Ubuntu releases a new version of their GNU/Linux distribution, they also make sure to include few brand new wallpapers where other GNU/Linux vendors just include one or two "official" wallpapers.

If you're a graphics designer and want to show-off your talent with Ubuntu, well there's a certain protocol that has to be followed before you can send your "baby" :D to Ubuntu art-work team for consideration. 

Anyhow, since we're like 12-11 days away from the official launch of Ubuntu 11.10, the latest news is that 14 brand-new wallpapers just appeared in the Launch-pad page. Although they may not be the official wallpapers pack... but still most of them would make it to the "official" disk images, I think (cannot remember the whole procedure :D).

Although I have a very looooooooow talent for drawings and stuff but I gotta say, some of these new wallpapers looks absolutely beautiful! (including the official 11.10 wallpapers, which looks almost like the one with 11.04 btw).

If interested (heck ya you are! :D), you can get the package from this Launch-pad page. Enjoy!.

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