Install Double Commander in Ubuntu, A Powerful Cross-Platform Filemanager

Double commander is a fast loading, powerful file manager that can be used GNU Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. So what makes it unique or what are the benefits?.

Well, if you want to "divide" your screen while browsing for files or want to start terminal within the File-manager itself or bulk renaming your files with ease, etc... then Double commander is a very powerful utility.

Main features...

*. Tabbed interface.

*. Built it Terminal command window.

*. Multi rename.

*. Powerful internal text editor.

*. Handles archives without third-party utilities (ZIP, TAR GZ, TGZ, LZMA and also BZ2, RPM, CPIO, DEB, RAR.).

Powerful built in options of its own!...

*. Since it's based on the Total commander (another powerful file-manager), it supports a lot of it's plugins as well.

So if you run Ubuntu 10.10 then you can easily install Double commander by issuing the below command in your Terminal (using a PPA channel).
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:alexx2000/doublecmd
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gtk-doublecmd


Anonymous said...

Could you please add raring into ppa:alexx2000/doublecmd? Thanks, Lubos

Anonymous said...

This is the correct command

sudo apt-get install doublecmd-gtk

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