How To Add The Auto URL Suggesting Feature To Firefox

In Google Chrome web browser whenever you type something in the URL section, the browser automatically retrieves suggestions from the search engines. Now this can be a both hassle and a helpful feature depending on the user.

For instance, when you type something and see a list of suggestions, sometimes you can "get lost" in the suggestions thus getting your attention to those URL suggestion and as a result even forgetting what you wanted to search in the first place (sounds familiar ;- ) ).

But on the other hand if the web browser does a better job at matching your suggestion, most of the time it really helps to improve your speed for searching that term. As said chrome has a built it default feature but Firefox does not!. But fear not friends there is an addon called Omnibar which adds that feature to your Firefox web browser.

It's useful!...
Even better, it by default get search suggestions from few different search engines!. Interested, OK then, if you want to install this addon then -> Click here for the Omnibar Firefox addon link.

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