How to Convert Your Blogger Posts into a Printable Book!

Yes I'm talking about the actual printing not just a virtual "blog to book" application (although this service let you do that too ... cool right? ). And to be honest not everyone will have an interest in this type of thing but depending on what you blog about this will be a heavily needed service nonetheless.

For example if you have a journal type blog then if you want to convert all your posts into a printable book format (with live previews, etc) within minutes then the service called the blog to print will come in handy. The service however is not free. So you'll have to pay for it (yikes) but an application as simple and after considering its features I think the price is pretty decent.

You can choose what posts or pages of your blog needed to be included in the printable format and can delete pictures and texts with ease. As said you don't have to be an Einstein (no disrespect intended sir!) to figure out the GUI and other customizations either.

So if interested then - click here for the blog to print home page. And currently they only seems to support the blogger platform only.

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