How To Disable Image Loading in Google Chrome

Now not all of us have faster internet connections, so sometimes it can be pretty useful to disable (temporarily of course) image loading in your web browser. And also if you have a usage limits with your ISP then again by disabling those bigger and ugly images while browsing for just "text" information can save some of that usage problems also.

So if you have installed the Chrome or the Chromium web browser, this is how you disable image loadings....

1. Start the Chrome and click on that "wrench" icon which takes you to the configuration window.

2. Then from the three tabs, click on the one that says "Under the Hood".

3. Under that tab then click on that first button just below "privacy" menu which says "Content Settings..."

4. Then from pop up (yikes hate those little pop ups ;-) ) window, from the left menu choose, "Images"

5. After that from the right side of the GUI click on that which says "Do not show any images".

Hooray! that's how you disable images in Google Chrome :D.

*. To enable image loading again just follow the same steps and when you come to the step 5, this time select "show all images (recommended)". That's it!.

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