How to Remove Translation Bar in Chrome

Well as I said in a previous post about the google translator addon for firefox Chrome web browser has a built in feature when automatically asks you to translate those foreign language sites. But if you're not going to need it around that much then it can be a bit irritating at times as well. You know always asking "hey want this to be translated to that??" and after closing the bugger keep asking the same thing over and over again, trust me I know the feeling.

But luckily it can be fixed very easily in Chrome (or in Chromium which is the mother of Chrome). So all you have to do is...

1. Open your web browser,

2. Click on that "wrench" icon (the default configure button) on the top right corner of the browser and from the menu select "Options".

3. Then you'll be promoted with 3 tabs. And from them tabs choose the one that says "Under the Hood".

4. After that you'll see some settings options under that tab and look for a blue highlighted text called "Translate" un-check the message box says "Offer to translate languages that aren't in a language that I read".

That's it fellas.. for any reason (a foreign girl friend perhaps ;-) ) if you want that annoying bar again displaying then just put the check mark on that message box. So that's how you remove translation bar in chrome.

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