Live Page Rank Displaying Addon for Firefox

Well if you're interested in SEO stuff and like to spy on your competition, etc (which is not a good thing ;-) ) then tools like web page page rank displaying addons for Firefox or Chrome extensions are very important. Although you don't need them since you can manually copy and paste the "competitor's" URL and use online websites such as, etc but they SUCK! big time. I mean apart from that copy -->>past hassle you'll also have to fill out an anti spam texts as well.

Actual screenshot is below ...

So if you have an addon like I'm going to tell ya right now... then forget about all that hassle, whenever you go to a web site this firefox addon will (free btw came a bit late oh did you close already :( ) display live Google page rank of that URL. Wait not only that it will also gives you information such as Alexa and mozranks, cache date, robot txt, keyword density and highlighting, files (wayback machine), etc. It is called search status.

So these are just a few to name guys and if you're serious about blogging and making some cache out of it then I urge you to take advantage of this page rank (live) addon for firefox. Thanks. ... Oh almost forgot look below for the downloading link.

Click here for the search status link.

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