Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 9 is Out! (4.0b9) - Could Be the Last Beta Release

Mozilla foundation has released the latest beta version (9) of the Firefox4 web browser and according sources this may will be the last of the beta testing also. But this pretty much depends on the bugs (shiz! don't panic) that could be "discovered" in this new release. And hopefully if nothing major (bad one) discovers then the next release will the the actual Firefox4 long awaited release.

To be honest to this day I still use the Firefox browser and quite happy with it (the 3.6 + )version. But the new 4 version will bring a re polished interface + numerous other improvements such as better online HD playback support, enhanced 3D rendering engine, faster Java script and better looking fonts, speed up browser loading times and a bit compassionate on your system memory (well not everyone has 10 GB RAM errrrrrrr).

And unlike many other software releases you can use the firefox beta versions because this is an Open Source project and unlike closed sourced applications both bugs and fixes arrive pretty faster with these software dudes (gotcha Microsoft!).

So anyone who want to try it - Click here for the Firefox4 beta 9 download link.

*. Now be a bit compassionate about them and if you found errors then "try" to send them a feedback through the easy to use addon would ya!.

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