Banshee Says NO to Ubuntu's Offer, A Sad Ending?

Few days ago both Banshee (a music player for Gnome desktop) and Canonical started an argument over amazon affiliate share and the latest news is that Banshee has agreed not to agree on Canonical's "solution" for that matter.

What Canonical has offered is this. They said they'd like for Banshee developers to include both amazon and Ubuntu's music store options "on" on the Banshee player and they'll give 25% of each amazon + Ubuntu music store earnings  to the Banshee developers.And it is pretty clear that the Banshee developers aren't happy with it and you can see why!.

Don't know who said this... but whoever said "authority corrupts" .. that dude had a point!.

Canonical started Ubuntu and "won" the hearts of lots of fan all around because of the courage + the talent that they showed. Heck they even made what seemed like the "impossibility" for Opensource philosophy.... you know giving some stiff competition for the closed source software "teams". But I don't know what it is, but if they don't get their *hit straighten-up  soon, Canonical is gonna look really bad.

I'm not quite sure why they have to ask a share of 75% of the money that Banshee makes given the fact that Canonical is already a well established "group" and all that. Maybe they fear that if they don't show some straight forward "intentions" other emerging software which has a tendency to be successful at earning money through Ubuntu's "fame" and when they started to earn then it might be difficult to get their "cut" through them over the time.

Don't know if that's the case... but whatever it is, when observing some of their decisions, as a "group" they are quite arrogant. But Canonical has to remember the real truth which is that.. they took the Debian code and "developed" something of their own but still where they succeeded in my opinion lies not in the "code" but in the "controlled community" that they have as an organization.

They are (organizations) better at "managing decisions" which is something an open community lack... So as a result a corporate organization will have "confident" looking software but it lacks the flexibility of an open community has on the other hand.

So at the end it is actually a choice that we are making ... not just "switching" over to GNU Linux. An OS that is developed by a "free" community won't have the best of "options/features" since they aren't usually well targeted for a given "need", but it is what it is and free and true open-source is only for those who are willing to cope with that truth in my humble opinion.

I'm sick of saying this to my self over and over again... but gonna say it one more time. Let's hope that Ubuntu ...oh sorry.. let's hope that Canonical is going solve this in a manner that feels more sensible and looks less arrogant (oh.. I'm with Banshee btw).

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