New Apple Mac OS X Lion Is Available As A Developer Preview

Last Thursday Apple gave the developers a little taste of their next major Mac OS X called the Lion (pretty cool name). This is still available for developer only but according to experts the OS actually is kind of a "something" that will fit around iOS and the Mac OS x.

They seems to have included major enhancement such as multi-touch gesture based application starting and controlling with the Lion release. For instance Zooming specific content or switching between applications, easily switch app full screen using swype type movements, etc you'll certainly be appreciating who ever that gave you the fingers ;-).

I don't know who came first gnome 3 or Apple but application launching has been gone major changes as well. For instance a swipe-down touch will bring out an app list which are currently installed on the OS which is very similar to the iOS way of doing things.

Another thing is the auto-saving feature of written documents. For instance whenever you're typing something the new Lion OS X will save an exact copy on a different location which acts as a backup. So if your text editor crashes or the OS stuck-ed... then the chances of you being able to recover your writings are greatly increased.

They have a new feature which saves the application running settings before you closed it. So even if you closed an app by a mistake you would be able to restore it to its "last" known state (hopefully).

They have integrated a Mac OS X server of its own which lets things like sharing or connecting an iPad over multiple devices with ease.

Finally the move or the idea of Apple is pretty clear. They think the future lies in a touch sensitive screen... rather than using the "real" keyboard for input data into computers. So with the next major Mac OS X Lion they're gonna "train" the users with new ways of using a touch sensitive areas .... ;-). And could this be an indication that the next iPad might bring some unique features of its own?

It's all about "touch"!...

Visit this official mac os x lion page for more information.

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