AriOS, Another Ubuntu Based Linux Distro With Unity "Looking" Desktop!

AriOS, according to experts in the field, is actually a remastering of a previous Linux distro called mFatOS. They are both Ubuntu based distributions thus you'll see a lot of Ubuntu touch and feel with it. But Arios is actually even better, since almost all the "closed sourced" codecs are installed by default in it, you'll have an OS that is ready to roll!.

This is how the desktop looks like...

This is Unity... and in comparison you can see the similarities

It used to be only a 32-bit based OS, but now they've released a 64-bit version as well. Although the desktop looks very much alike Unity (which will replace the Gnome shell in the upcoming 11.04), but in truth, it is not. It just looks like it but thanks to plugins and some customizations.

You'll get a lot of different applications as well...

*. TrueCrypt - An open source file encryption tool (one of the best actually). 

*. Grsync - A file backup utility.

*. Virtualbox.

*. Hanbrake - video ripper.

*. Smplayer - An mplayer based multimedia front-end written in QT.

*. Clementine - A very cool looking music player (fast and looks beautiful).

Although these are just a handful just to remind you what you get when you download AriOS. So if you have a slower internet connection but still want a full functioning Linux desktop then you should seriously consider downloading AriOS.

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