Ask Your Questions About Ubuntu Development via Daniel Holbach's Web Cast!

Daniel Holbach is an Ubuntu developer who lives in Berlin. Although this is not the first time, he has done several video casts (live of course) which are for answering various questions from all over the world about Ubuntu and its current development related news and other stuff ;-).

However, this time the timing is perfect actually, since both Ubuntu and Gnome seems to be in a bit of a clash thus giving birth to the Unity desktop (which was going on for some time actually). So if you have those kind of questions then this is your moment!.

I was reading one of his previous interviews and although you just can't judge a character based on a single interview, but he seemed like a pretty cool guy who likes Drum’n'Bass (he's actually a DJ!). Anyone who has a taste for music are usually easy to get to know and deal with, don't ya think ? ;-).

So if you have questions concerning Ubuntu and its future, etc then why not use this opportunity!. It will be head at 16 UTC and go to this his blog post for information about how to see and register yourself with the web cast.

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