Bodhi Linux 1.0.0, Another Ubuntu Based Distribution Aimed at Low End PCs

Linux had its days when all you wanted was to get it installed and enjoy the experience was a low-end PC with a RAM of 32/64MB, "reasonable" CPU and decent hardware. But as the time moved on, it received more and more new features thus these days if you want to use Linux with latest features, then you'd better off with a powerful PC.

A Desktop screenshot... Impressive!

Still, if you aren't that much of a computer geek, and more than happy to use your old PC that has a long history ;-) but want to install a light-weight Linux distro with latest software, updates, etc then Bodhi Linux is an excellent option!.

The minimum requirement are as follows...

*. 300 MHZ CPU (i386).

*. 128MB of RAM.

*. 1.5 GB of HDD space.

It is based on the Enlightenment desktop, which is a fast loading desktop with a file manager of its own, image viewer, text editor, control panel in which you can customize your hardware using graphical tools and many other fully functional applications. But in comparison with KDE or Gnome, it does lack few GUI features, but still it is what it is and if you want to run a Linux distro without slowing down your old PC, then you'll have to bear few "difficulties".

It has been few years since I've used Enlightenment but in comparison with those days the developers have done an impressive improvements thus it looks really... really promising!. Bodhi Linux uses the LXDM login manager and does not come with a lot of applications by default.

But if you have an internet connection, then you can easily install reasonable amount of popular applications that runs in Linux by using their Bodhi software center such as media players, pdf readers, word processors.

So, if you want a fast Linux OS but can cope with the fact that you'll have to use an internet connection to install few additional software (only, if you're not satisfied with the default software the Enlightenment desktop), then I highly recommend (humbly :D ) Bodhi Linux! for anyone.

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