Gnome 3 Is Available Through Fedora Core 15 Alpha!

Fedora is one of the few to give away the latest Gnome desktop (version 3) with their latest alpha release of the Core 15. It is no secret that Fedora favors Gnome over KDE apart from several criticisms over Gnome. But you have to remember that the new Gnome uses a new "Shell" for creating that 3D looking desktop (including themes, etc), so unless you have a GPU (VGA) that supports it will fall back to the old metacity-engine.

Although Gnome is known for creating less power hungry applications but still I understand this move from their point of view. Anyway, the Other major software change is the LibreOffice which replaces the OpenOffice in Fedora 15 alpha. KDE 4.6, a typing booster (Indic typing booster, based on predictions by analyzing your typing), Xfce 4.8 are just a few to name.

So if you can't wait till it gets out and want to try the new Gnome 3, then why not give the Fedora 15 Alpha a try!.


Anonymous said...

installed FC 15 alpha with gnome 3, lets just say the experience is overwhelming, being a former ubuntu user and follower. the change was necessary because i don't really like the unity desktop.
Had to change from apt to yum but its linux all the same most commands are similar. Gnome 3 shell is the deal.

Gayan said...

Oh yeah, I love Fedora... have a "thing" for it :P. And even though I'm have neutral thoughts about Gnome3, but ... in comparison with the Unity Desktop, if I had to choose one... I'd also go for the Gnomeeeeeeee :). Thanks for the thought.

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