GNU Is Working On a Skype Replacer Which is Completely Free!

Now, within a very short period Skype has dominated the VOIP all around the world. And there are few reasons why they achieved a massive success. Although I'm not sure if it was them who had the original idea of using VOIP, but they had built a software and protocols that works/ed really well thus giving users all around the world to connect and talk to each other by using either voice only or both video and audio via their PC at not cost at all.

But as far as GNU foundation is concerned, there are few things that they'll never like about Skype. Most importantly they don't (me too ;-) ) like the fact that Skype uses a protocol of their own which is closed source and every time you connect with another user via Skype front-end, it routes your request via their network which are also not open-ed to users (or hidden for "security" reasons).

So basically to fill the gap or to not to let Skype the "bug" to become too large (well it already is) thus they can have a significant power over the GNU Linux distributions and their decisions, GNU has announced a Skype replacer and already opened an official web site for the project as well.

So basically you can hope to receive two things from them. Over simplified GUI + it'll be open as hell ;-) and will be free (no costs..). At this point I won't be going into more technical details, but it seems that they're going to use the open VOIP protocol called GNU SIP (peer to peer based) which is a GNU licensed truly open protocol. 

Unlike with Skype where they control the consumer based Skype interface through their centralized servers, with GNU Telephony, their VOIP will be based up on peer-to-peer protocol.. so there are no third-party servers, meaning, there will be no one who's in control (other than the users them selves of course).

Anyway, I'd like to wish all the best to the GNU team + some luck, because when considering the dominance that Skype has over other VOIP providers, the GNU Telephony gonna need em both, but I think if they come up with something that is not necessarily better thank Skype, but something that is usable should be enough for a start and as the time goes on they can win! (or at least the heart of the few of use who really hate to be controlled at the face of the arrogance and insecurity of others).

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