Have You Tried The Pinguy OS (Works Out of the Box ;-) )

In a nutshell, Pinguy OS is a very user friendly Linux OS (based on Ubuntu) that is aimed at the nebies. So if you want to use Linux without being afraid of all those customizations and installing multimedia codecs manually, etc then Pinguy OS is the answer.

To be honest I haven't installed neither used it. But from the real reviews, user feedback and when looking at the screenshots themselves, I gotta say... it looks promising. There are a lot of differences in the Pinguy in comparison with the Ubuntu which it is based on. For instance....

*. When you double click on a .iso file extension, unlike opening it with archive manager (which is the default behavior for many Linux distros), Pinguy will open it with the Braso CD/DVD burner which makes sense, and this can be seen with other file types as well.

*. Shotwell photo manager is installed by default, which is a great application for managing pictures (from customizing them to uploading to online photo sharing severs, etc).

*. If you want a MacOS Dock like app then you'll love the Docky application that is preinstalled.

*. Out of the box, it supports a lot of different types of multimedia files which are "dropped" by major Linux distros. Java and flash player support is also included and many more.

To get more information and downloading options please visit this Pingy OS official page.

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