How To Install Gnome Baker (CD/DVD Burner) In Ubuntu

Ubuntu by default comes with the Brasero CD/DVD burner which is another cool tool no doubt. But nothing is perfect and there were few occasions where Brasero had failed me... but was able to get few things done using another great free CD/DVD burning application (GTK + based) called Gnome Baker.

Wanna bake some!... :)

With it you can ...

*. Blank RW disks.

*. Create audio CDs.

*. Copy data and audio cds to your HDD.

*. Multisession support.

*. Make disk images (.iso).

*. Convert various audio files and make audio cds (to do that you'll have to install proprietary codes and encoders as well).

*. Once installed automatically Integrate with Nautilus file manager.

These are just a few to name. But please be aware of the fact that Gnome baker project is kinda freeze-d these days (no updates since 2008 .. yikes!) and has its limitations such as no UDF support for instance.

But as I said before, it does come in handy sometimes when other burning applications fail and I recommend it to be used as a "rescue" tool rather than using it to replace your current burning utility. So if you use Ubuntu, then issue the below command to install it ...

sudo apt-get install gnomebaker

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