How To Install Nautilus Elementary File Manager in Ubuntu 11.04 ?

Nautilus elementary is a actually the more simplified version of the famous file manage for Gnome called the Nautilus. Although Nautilus is already over simplified in my opinion but still elementary project had a reputation of creating a file manager that is more user friendly, easily customizable, stable + takes lesser system resources (obviously) as well.

This is how it looks like :)

But with the Gnome 3 there won't be a Nautilus because it it going to be replaced by a new file manager called the Marlin (update - I was wrong actually, according to Gnome developers, Nautilus will still be the default file manager in Gnome 3).

So as a result the Nautilus elementary project was frozen ... I mean kinda, but the good news is that few days ago the developer claimed that after seeing the enthusiasm from the "crowd" even after it was frozen for a while, it gave him a bit of a boost to re-start the whole project. So as a result if you use Ubuntu 11.04 alpha version or Natty then you can actually install the Nautilus elementary's latest version via the PPA easily.

So if you want to install it , open your terminal and issue the following command...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Also don't forget to restart your Nautilus file manager, to do that copy and paste the below command...

nautilus -q

*. Note - Remember, by upgrading to this version won't bring any new features unfortunately, but still it does brings some bug fixes nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gayan, that really has improved things and stopped some annoying bugs.

Gayan said...


You are welcome :)...

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