Install Cheese in Ubuntu/Linux, Take Pictures or Videos Using Your Webcam With Cool Effects!

Cheese is an easy to use, picture and video capturing application for Linux that is built using the Gstreamer framework. Unlike many "professional" apps, Cheese does make it fun to use it too!. As always with Gnome, the GUI is easy to "understand"/simplified and let you add effects such as ...

Cheese Logo...

*. Emoticons to your pictures.

*. Change brightness, hue, contract, etc with ease.

*. Set photo capturing delays (the countdown actually appears at the bottom which is easy to see even from a bit far away).

*. Change resolutions.

*. Lots of effects.

*. Optimized GUI for netbooks with smaller screens - There are some apps that only shows portions of their GUI's when used in a slightly lower resolutions. But Cheese is well optimized for low-end netbooks, thus you'll see its window with full features.

*. It is integrated with Nautilus thus gives you the ability to easily share movies or can easily export them to the photo manager and share them online as well.

So what are the requirement?

*. A web cam.

*. Gnome 2.28 and Gstreamer 0.10.

*. If you want it to integrate with Flickr or other online services then you'll have have the proper plugins which are optional of course.

How to install it in Ubuntu?

Open your Terminal and issue the below command...

sudo apt-get install cheese

If you want to built from the source code, then you'll have to manually download it.


white*rabbit said...

i like how this just works right outa of the box.. no driver install for my web cams.. perfect

Gayan said...


So much for those who in the past said that GNU/Linux doesn't work that well on 'never hardware' :D. Lol.

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