Install GRUB Customizer (GUI) for Ubuntu 10.10

If you dual boot or just use Linux only, in either case the installer will automatically install a boot manager called GRUB (or LILO, depending on the distro). Not that long ago, after installing GRUB and wanting to change the names displayed in the boot menu or changing the time-out settings, it wasn't used to be that easy.

You had to manually edit a configuration file using the terminal or text-editor but still even changing something simple like boot menus was a bit risky unless you know what you were doing. But now it seems that those days are long gone, not only one, but there are a lot of applications that let you do that graphically!.

The one that I'm going to reveal is called "startupmanager". After installing it you'll be able to change the things like...

*. Time-out settings.

*. Boot sequence.

*. Boot logo's resolution.

*. Color depth change.

*. Remove text or logo during boot, etc are just a few to name.

So, open your terminal and issue the below command...

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

After installing it you should be able to execute it via "System" -> "Administration" -> "Startup-Manager" and make all those above mentioned (+ many more) customizations to the GRUB loader graphically.

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