Linux Mint Xfce Release Candidate (RC) Is Out!

If you don't know what Linux Mint in general means, it is an Ubuntu based distribution that comes with major five forms (KDE, Gnome, Xfce, LXDE and they recently introduced the "Mint Debian" as well).

As most know, Ubuntu does not give you the ability to play proprietary multimedia files out of the box. That's where the Mint comes from, it fills that "gap" exceptionally.

Xfce Desktop Screenshot...

Although to be honest, I haven't used it for a while now, but I've tried it few times in the past, and it looked promising. From themes to giving away different types of applications, numerous GUI improvements, they're are doing a great job of making Linux more user friendly in my opinion.

Few days ago they announced the RC or the Release candidate of the upcoming Mint desktop called Mint Xfce which is based on the Xfce desktop (taken out from the Debian packages). Although I won't be telling every "new" thing that this RC brings, but according to the Mint Xfce dev team, this release brigs two major features that are worth giving a look at...

*. A HUGE performance improvement! -

To put it into simple terms, in comparison with their previous Xfce versions, this RC uses impressively low RAM while running but still performs faster and smoother. This performance enhancement can also be seen with the included software as well (such as Gnome Mplayer, or Firefox, etc... they'll simply run faster!).

*. Continuous updates -

Unlike in the past where one had to wait till the next major release was out to update... now they'll be releasing frequent updates.

A New theme...

If you're using any other Xfce based distro but would like to install the gorgeous looking Xfce theme called "Freshness", then I urge you to read this webupd8 article written by Andrew, if interested.

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