A Simple Trick To Make Kmplayer More Crash-Proof!

Now Kmplayer do have its vulnerabilities, but when properly optimized it can give you a unique multimedia experience which is something most other players lack. But as with everything, sometimes when crashing, Kmplayer seems a bit unstable.

For instance, let's say that you were trying to play a video file but somehow the player got stuck and started to consume 100% or somewhere close of your CPU usage. But according to my experience and with some of other friends, other players such as K-lite codec pack, is more controllable in those situations. Even they started to use a lot of your CPU but still most of the time you can start the task manager and put an end to it ;-).

But with Kmplayer, when it started to consume a lot of CPU, you can't even successfully use the task manager to kill it most of the time thus forcing you to do a manual re-boot of your PC which is not that good. Now there could be a lot more deeper reasons for this but did you know that by changing a single setting you could easily "kill" Kmplayer as easy as with other players!... thus spare you the trouble of doing manual re-boots on your PC.

So wanna know how to do it?... OK then hang on champ ;-) here I go.

1. Open Kmplayer.

2. Press the "F2" button on your keyboard (if you can't find it call 911... just kidding) which should bring you a configuration window.

3. From the top of the left side click on the small Rectangle on the "General" menu.

4. Now from that click on the "Playback" sub menu.

5. Now to your right side you'll see another configuration window. From that choose the tab called "Work Priority".

6. On that tab you'll see a slider below a heading called "Priority Class".

7. Now the default option is the "Above Normal" priority, which is behind all that arrogant behavior ;-) (not kidding it's true). So use the slider and bring it to your left until it says "Normal" (1 position from the right would be enough by default.

8. Now click "Close" and you're done!.

I think most can guess how this can help, so I'm not going to write about it (that stuff is boring). But to be short, by default Kmplayer assign a priority which is above "normal" thus forcing windows to give a lot more attention to it even when it's crashing or malfunctioning which is the reason for that "tough" behavior.

But remember this won't fix crashing due to codec or bad files ... but most of the time this would give you enough time to end the kmplayer process faster.


Anonymous said...

thanks friend it simply worked..thanks a lot

Gayan said...


You are welcome :D.

svArtist said...

The KMP is going to use up what ever amount of CPU Power it thinks it needs, within the subsection of unused resources along with and above lower priority processes.

So IF your system has 60% of CPU Power to spare and the KMP thinks it needs them (reasons left aside), it WILL.

This does not deal with the underlying problem as to why it thinks it needs that much processing power (god knows what it's doing)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very, very much for this tip! It did work. :)


Aravind Shaji said...

thnkuuuuuuuuu <3

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