Ubuntu Launches "Success Stories" Section For Encouraging Users

I have said this before, one of the main reasons behind Ubuntu is the "closed" or controlled to be precise, environment that Canonical gives. Some may not simply like it but the rest assured, I think if they didn't have that kind of "authority" over the decisions the it would have end-up like Debian (although I personally love Debian ;-) ).

Anyhow, few hours ago they launched a dedicated page on their official site for encouraging business oriented individuals for using Ubuntu by giving away "success stories" of other who already use it. The site currently has main three sections.

*. One for the Desktop edition - In which they give a basic approach on how and why you should use the Desktop Ubuntu edition... and gives away one of the "big guns" who use Ubuntu as their main OS.

*. Sever - This is for those who are interested in their Server version. And as the above, they include some big name in the field who use the Ubuntu server edition as their main software platform.

*. Cloud - Obviously, as many have pointed out in the past, the Ubuntu cloud is actually is not something that we as users will benefit that much. Although it has its benefits, but for the everyday average users, there aren't that many benefits in it. But for the Business oriented individuals... A computer Cloud will always be something interesting.

So, Ubuntu is getting more and more professional and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but let's hope they they'll always respect the Community and their decisions in the process.

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