Will I Be Able To Run Unity Desktop Successfully, What Are the Requirements?

Even though Unity desktop brings a lot of different things when comparing with the current Gnome desktop, still if your current PC runs well with the 10.10 version then you should be able to run Unity or the 11.04 version in general!. What a relief, right? ;-).

Ahhh... the Unity! :)

Although the better GPU, CPU and RAM... you have, will always be welcomed but yet if all you want is to run Ubuntu as fast as you can without a lot of fancy effects then as with the 10.10 version, below hardware requirements should be more than enough.

*. Processor - 1GHZ (for an i386) is recommended for the Desktop installation.

*. RAM - 512MB, although you could still run it smoothly with a slightly lower RAM, in my experience anyway.

*. 5 GB HDD space - This however may change depending on the applications or the amount of packages, still there won't be huge difference.

*. Resolution - 1024 x 768 is enough. If you have a touch sensitive screen, then you'll love some of the things that Unity is capable of!.

Anyway, this is something that I really like about Linux in general, unlike with Microsoft, they don't forcefully or unnecessarily to be precise, put a lot of "requirements" thus making the users to buy a whole new PC rather than using the "fully working" PC they currently own, LOL.

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