Gnome Shell Just Piss Me Off Man >:( sometimes ;-)

You know, I have an internet connection with a usage limit. So I can't always go to YouTube and watch some nerdy videos (just kidding)... but sometime ago I had the opportunity to watch a Gnome 3 review video and decided to see what Gnome Shell (also known as the Gnome 3) has to offer.

And then I realized, even though we had it coming, now they've completely disabled the desktop right click menu!. Can you believe it!. I mean, if you have a touchscreen PC then this may not sound that important, but for those of use who are still stuck with mouse and keyboards, this is completely disrespectful >:(.

But the Gnome 3 is actually interesting and does bring some interesting changes to the GUI but still I'd like to right click on my desktop and get a useful menu (or let's say reasonable, considering Gnome) but I'd like to create folders and files on my desktop using my mouse. Heck, isn't that the reason why a Mouse right click button exist?

Anyhow, I'm eager to get my hands on Gnome 3, for which I'll wait until they release it officially but I'd really like to see Gnome developers respect the needs of the users rather than being ignorant. Although I know a little bit about Gnome and this however is not unexpected as a result, it's sad but, I will be using it until I find something better to replace nonetheless. But dear Gnome with all the due respect, sometimes, you just piss me off!.

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