Install Feedindicator in Ubuntu, Access Feeds via the Notification Area

Reading websites using their Feeds is a huge time saver. I mean, say that you have 20-30 sites and want to read the latest updates, then traditionally one would have to go from site to site, browsing from bookmark to bookmark... oh it sucks :). But Feed-readers came to the rescue by letting you read thousands of web sites via a single application. 

The Feedindicator (Version 1.02) is a feed notifier that runs in your notification area which when configured, automatically "notifies" you whenever a new feed is received.

Configuration windows...
Main features...

*. Add/Remove feeds easily (GUI).

*. Change when it should update the database (time-frame).

*. Can set-up to run automatically on system start-up.

*. Mark read/unread feeds.

*. Change the number of items showed per feed, etc.

If you use Ubuntu you can easily install Feedindicator by downloading the .deb package from here. After the downloading is completed, simply double click on it to install. Enjoy!.

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Broken in Ubuntu 13.10 64bit

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