Notebook Hardware Control (NHC), Powerful ACPI Manager for your PC!

Windows Vista and 7 do come with advanced ACPI options when comparing with windows XP. For instance, if you have a never CPU (AMD or Intel) with Vista or 7 you can easily set-up different speed settings (if your CPU support that) and other hardware power related settings ... especially for Laptops which can help to get a longer battery life which is very handy.

Main GUI... (use it at your own risk)

But with Windows XP, the OS is so old that even if you have a CPU which was introduced around 2005-2007... with XP, setting advanced options, most of the time are not possible. In that case if you're looking for a fully featured ACPI manager that lets you control not just CPU but other things like...

*. CPU speed/Voltage settings.

*. Hard drive speed settings (which can help to get a noticeable amount of battery life).

*. Various battery related options/settings and readings (how many percentage it has, etc).

*. ATI GPU (VGA cards) related speed settings that can enhance battery life.

*. CPU/HDD temperature monitoring.

*. Easy to use GUI +, you can set it to display live data about your PC on the desktop as well.

These are among the main features of NHC - Notebook hardware control.

Unfortunately this is only for Microsoft windows users... cannot be run in GNU/Linux. Even if you have Windows Vista or 7 still I think this is a more powerful tool than what those OS allow their users to change (safely). It comes with main two versions, free and a professional one.

Before downloading, I advice you to read this FAQ first and then proceed to this downloading page.

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