Offline Multimedia Codec Pack For Ubuntu 10.10

Linux will always struggle to give users "what they want", although this has nothing to do with they being incapable of doing so, yet they choose not to, it seems (which is understandable actually). But, no matter what they choose for us, we'll always have the ability to choose what we want which is the thing that still keeps me attracted to GNU Linux nonetheless.


And when it comes to playing multimedia, the market is dominated by proprietary codecs. Although it used to be worse in the past (not that long ago) but thanks to fast internet connections and wizard type GUIs... now you can easily install any software via easy to use graphical utilities or using terminal commands.

But, what if your Linux (Ubuntu in this example) PC does not have an internet connection?. How can you install those multimedia codecs then?. Well, luckily there are offline installers which can come in really handy in those situations.

So, if you have installed Ubuntu 10.10 and looking for an offline multimedia codec pack which lets play almost any type of audio/video files... then this is how you install it.

1. Get the zipped file from here first.

2. Then double click on it and extract it to a desired location (Gnome desktop for instance).

3. Now, inside the extracted folder look for a file called "" and double click it.

4. Then from the following prompt, choose "run in Terminal" (or it'll automatically launch depending your Nautilus configurations), the installation is automatic and will require the "sudo" password. Once it's done you'll be notified with a message saying "now you can close the terminal window". Then close your terminal window.

Now you should be able to play almost any type of audio/video files such as AAC, MP3, H.264, H.263, .WMV are just a few to name. This installer also installs other proprietary utilities such as Adobe flash players as well.

Make sure to keep a copy of the downloaded zipped archive and use it whenever you need to install multimedia codecs  on a PC than runs Ubuntu 10.10 (only) when you don't have an internet connection!.


Aravind said...

thanx a lot... i was looking just for this.

Gayan said...


Glad it helped! :D.

THE TONY said...

Is it available for UBUNTU 11.04.

Gayan said...

@ Tony,

I'm afraid I can't find it for Ubuntu 11.04... although you could create your own offline codec pack in Ubuntu using the apt-get cache... but it's not "automated" as this pack :(. Sorry about that.

Nchima said...

May you please make a version for ubuntu 11.04. I have no internet connection on my ubuntu machine so installing via one of the terminal options is impossible.

Gayan said...


Well my friend I no longer use 11.04 (using the 11.10) but luckily you can still get an offline codec pack using the below link. Big thanks goes to the Ubuntu Forum users ...

OR you can just use the below link to direct download the pack

Good luck.

tomex The Great said...

Thank you, I will try this on my 10.10, can this work on other versions below 10.10??

Anonymous said...

how to do it in ubuntu 13.10?
i need the offline installer...

thank you.

Gayan said...

@ Anonymous,


I don't know if there is a package for Ubuntu 13.10 (you can try 'Googling' it). That said, I did write an article on my WordPress site that you can follow for creating one by your own.

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