SliTaz, Another Fast Loading Lightweight GNU/Linux Distribution!

SliTaz is so light in size and system resources... say that you burned the 30MB of the full OS into a CD and created a live CD... then when running you can even eject that CD still SliTaz is so small it'll still run within your RAM!. Impressed??.

Don't get fooled by the 30MB of size, it does come with a graphical environment called OpenBox + several other programs such as...

*. Midori - Fast loading web browser written in GTK+.

*. TazPkg - A graphical package manager similar to the Debian's Apt-Get. Easy to use and installs software within the GUI such as Adobe flash, proprietary codecs, etc with ease.

Package manager...

*. Comes with an audio player (including encoding capability as well).

*. Boot from USB sticks... support.

*. Chat/Mail client.

*. After installed, takes about 100MB of disk space.

*. PDF viewer.

*. mPaint - A paint application.

*. CD/DVD burning applications.... are just a few to mention (seriously... for that 30MB... these guys have included a LOT of packages).

So, if you're looking for a fast loading, light in your PC's resources type GNU/Linux distribution then why not give a try for SliTaz!. After all, it's just 30MB ;-).

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