Subsonic, A Web Based Music Streamer (Can Handle Local Albums too)

Although personally I'm not a huge fan of cloud based computing or anything that believes in that "philosophy", but that's just me, if you like those technologies anyhow and looking for an excellent web-based music player that only requires you to have a decent web browser, then you should consider Subsonic.

Can easily change the "skin"...

One of the most useful things about this web based music streamer is that it re-encodes the audio files to a give bit-rate live!. Say that you have an internet connection with a usage limit, but still would like to listen to music without "burning" your usage limit, then Subsonic is an elegant solution. It is written in Java and you have to install the Java "engine" which integrate with the web browser, which only takes a second.

It has the ability to manage local music albums as well + from all the music it "grabs" from online sources, it'll also fetch things like album art, tag-editing, wikipedia information grabbing, integration, pod casts support ..., heck, you can even download your favorite music directly to your PC or Mobile phone as well (currently supports iPhone, Android mobile devices and Microsoft Windows Phone 7).

So if you're interested, then go to this page and download the proper installer depending on your OS. Good luck!.

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