easyLife - Installing Proprietary Software in Fedora Core 15 Made Easy!

Unlike with our friend Ubuntu... Fedora Core follows few strict rules of her own. Although we can choose whether to install or not to install MP3 codec by default while installing Ubuntu (within the installer or after), yet with FC, we will never see them shipping anything that "smells": Proprietary.

So after installing Fedora Core 15, if you were wondering about how to install all those proprietary multimedia codecs which enable you to play almost all videos (including DVDs/Blueray, etc) and audios + Flash player, Nvidia/Ati GPU drivers, etc with ease, then you should install an excellent little application called "easyLife".

easyLife is actually a GUI front-end which uses the RPM Fusion repository (third party maintained repository with all the proprietary software for Fedora Core) and certainly makes your life more easier!.

Here are few of the main features...

*. Install all video/audio codecs.

*. Install multimedia players such as MPLayer, Kplayer, K3b (KDE's default CD/DVD burner), Totem, Banshee, Xmms, etc.

*. Install Java (both 32 and 64-bit versions).

*. Nvidia/Ati proprietary drivers (this is pretty useful since FC15 has Gnome 3 installed and it uses Mutter window manager which requires deeper hardware support from your GPU. And in comparison with "free" drivers... the proprietary ones almost always have better performances).

*. Few DVD ripping tools... are just a very few of useful features in easyLife to mention.

So, if you want to install easyLife in Fedora Core 15 (heck yea you want it :P), open your Terminal and enter the below command.
su -c "rpm -Uvh easylife-*.noarch.rpm"


Anonymous said...

<3 Awesome!! Thanks for the info.

Gayan said...


You are welcome :).

Stan said...

Nice package but it won't download Skype anymore?

Gayan said...


Oh crap! :/.

Have you tried this manual method I wrote for Fedora 15 a while ago? (should also work for 16)

Anonymous said...


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